FXDD Adds Autochartist Compatibility

FXDD Adds Autochartist Compatibility

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Global Forex and CFD leader FXDD has recently enhanced its trading efficiency by integrating Autochartist, a move that has attracted industry attention. This addition marks a significant step in FXDD’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve in the dynamic world of financial trading.

Autochartist elevates FXDD’s trading capabilities, providing traders with a range of new features such as real-time market insights, a customizable search panel, and a sophisticated price movement scanner. It also includes advanced risk management tools like ‘Volatility Analysis’ and ‘Risk Calculator Plugin,’ as well as a comprehensive series of educational videos.

The integration addresses a common challenge in the trading world: the overload of information. Autochartist filters and delivers relevant, up-to-date market analysis and news, offering traders just the essential insights they need for effective decision-making.

Key benefits of Autochartist include enhanced chart pattern recognition, quicker analysis, the development of multiple trading strategies simultaneously, increased trading flexibility, and real-time alerts and signals. It provides insights from top stock exchanges worldwide, offering unique data on asset price movements and market sentiment.

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FXDD, a long-standing player in the online trading arena, understands the value of informed decision-making in trading. The incorporation of Autochartist into their platform reflects their dedication to providing traders with cutting-edge tools for navigating financial markets more efficiently.

The broker has been a pioneer in adopting MetaTrader technology, evolving from early MT3 to the latest MT4 and MT5 versions. They have continuously enhanced these platforms in line with their proprietary technology, resulting in improved trading performance.

FXDD emphasizes trader education, offering various resources like daily FX analysis, a technical analysis blog, MT4 1-minute data, an Economic Calendar, an FX Calculator, Custom Tickers, and now, Autochartist. These tools are accessible across all FXDD platforms, including MT4, MT5, and its proprietary WebTrader, which cater to a diverse range of trading preferences in Forex, Stocks, Commodities, and Indices.

Joseph Botkier, CEO of FXDD, highlights that Autochartist aligns with the company’s mission to improve traders’ experience, offering more opportunities to develop and execute algo-powered strategies quickly.

Beyond technological advancements, FXDD offers exposure to multiple equity markets, including direct connectivity to US stock exchanges through its Electronic Communication Network (ECN), providing competitive pricing and low-latency execution. The recent introduction of on-exchange shares and futures on its MT5 platform positions FXDD as a significant player in both OTC and exchange-traded markets.

The broker’s commitment to customer support, available in 11 languages, along with a diverse choice of assets and trading tools, has earned it several awards, including ‘Best Customer Service Broker’ at the Forex Traders Summit Dubai.

For those interested in exploring FXDD’s platforms and services, the team is readily available for contact. This new chapter in FXDD’s journey underscores its continuous effort to provide traders with the resources and tools needed to thrive in the ever-evolving financial landscape.

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